Samaria AR Half Ma'ah ( Hemiobol ), Extremely RARE!, Very Fine, "Triple-head", 375 - 333 B.C.E. SOLD

Maximum Purchase:
1 unit


Meshorer and Qedar 139, Very Fine, 7.8mm, .23 gram, Struck Circa. 375 - 333  B.C.E.

Obverse: Triple bearded male head wearing cone shaped crown. Left eye of facing head serves as right eye of the right profile head, and right eye as the left one of the left profile. Nose of facing head serves as the ears of the other two faces.

Reverse: Naked male figure (Herakles ?) sitting on shield or rock to right, resting left hand on club

EXTREMELY RARE with Zero examples on acsearch! Odd shaped flan on this tiny coin, yet well centered, and basically all there.

Interesting issue with a triple face, right / left / and one facing you.