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Welcome to our Internet store featuring fine Biblical, Greek, Roman, Eastern and Judean Coins, ancient artifacts and interesting antiques.

The principal numismatist of our dealership Isadore Goldstein is a specialist in ancient coins with particular expertise in Judean and Biblical coins. His articles and research have been published in a variety of numismatic journals such as the American Journal of Numismatics, Israel Numismatic Research, the Celator and the Shekel.

Our shop offers a large selection ancient coinage from various cultures. Our goal is to offer appealing coins for varied interests that offer historical interest while representing true value to the collector. In our search for quality ancients we purchase all types of ancient coins that we feel meet this qualification.
There are numerous laws regulating the trade of coins and artifacts. We are proud that our stock is acquired ethically. We purchase from licensed and highly regarded dealers in the USA or from overseas. All overseas purchases follow applicable laws and are exported to us with the required licenses. There are certain items which are restricted in the USA by law and we cannot offer those items to our customers.
We are proud lifetime members of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and the Israel Numismatic Society (INS). We are also members of the American Numsimatic Society (ANS) the America Israel Numismatic Association (AINA) and the Texas Numismatic Association (TNA).
Please browse our store for these and other ancient numismatic items and special antiquities and gifts as well.

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