Posted by Isadore Goldstein on 12th Oct 2018

If your screen is too small or the heading icons too large on the home page and you cannot see the "New Items" without scrolling, may we suggest that you head Ctrl and the "-" key on your keyboard. Th … read more

King Agrippa I

Posted by Isadore Goldstein on 24th May 2014

KING AGRIPPA I:Some of the most popular coins of ancient Judaea and the surrounding areas are those of King Agrippa I. His numismatic issues are suitable for all collectors - from the most common $30 … read more

Coins of Purim

Posted by Isadore Goldstein on 24th Feb 2014

People always wonder are there any coins specifically associated with the holiday of Purim (the book of Esther) such as perhaps coins bearing the portrait of the Persian King Achashveirosh (Aheusauros … read more

Teeny Tiny Ancient Coins

Posted by Isadore Goldstein on 19th Feb 2014

Greek obols, Judaean yehuds and their fractions are so tiny, sometimes only about 5 or 6mm in diameter and 1/8th of 1 gram!! How did people carry them around, and reasonably use them as currency? … read more

Evaluating Bar Kochba Coins

Posted by Isadore Goldstein on 13th Feb 2014

Question: I hear alot about overstrikes and see different types of Bar Kochba coins with prices all over the place. Can you advise me on how to buy these wisely? R. P. Manhattan Beach, NY Ans … read more