Yehud AR 1/2 Gerah, "Hezekiah", Very Fine+, 4th Century B.C.E. SOLD

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Hendin 1069, Very Fine+, 7.3mm, .25 gram, Struck Circa. 4th Century B.C.E.

Obverse: Blank Flan (facing head within a circle)

Reverse: Inscription HEZEKIA HAPECHA (the governor) to the sides of owl standing to right, head facing. The feathers around the head form a beaded circle

Obverse not struck, as is common for the type. The Hezekiah reverse is OUTSTANDING! It is perfectly centered, struck on excellent metal with an untouched hoard patina. These coins are notoriously hard to photograph, but this one is bold and sharp to the eye. Exceptionally also, it is quasi-impossible to find this coin with complete inscriptions of both words. This specimen has the COMPLETE title "Hapecha" and is only missing part of the last letter of the name "Hezekiah". Quite hard to find as such!