Tarsos, Cilicia, Datames AR Stater, Extremely Fine, 378 - 372 B.C.E.

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SNG Levante 83, SNG Von Aulock 5943, Extremely Fine, 23.9mm, 10.15 grams, Struck Circa. 378 – 372 B.C.E.
Obverse: Baaltars seated to right with facing torso, holding ear of grain and bunch of grapes in his left hand, scepter with eagle on top in his right, BLTRZ in Aramaic to left, thymiaterion to right

Reverse: Ana, nude and Datames standing facing each other with raised right arms; thymiaterion and TRDMW (for Datames) in Aramaic between

Well struck with excellent detail! Better than average surfaces for this type.
Datames who started as a member of the Persian king’s bodyguard became the satrap of Cilicia and Cappadocia at the appointment of the king. Eventually, he revolted and became a virtually independent ruler. His reign came to an end when he was killed by Mithradates, son of Ariobarzanes, satrap of Phrygia in 362 B.C.E.