Rudolf II AR Taler (associated with the Maharal of Prague), House of Habsburg, Austria, Very Fine, 1605 SOLD

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RUDOLF II AR THALER, 1576 - 1612

Davenport 3005, Hall mint, Very Fine, 41.1mm, 28.45 grams, dated 1605

A nice example, probably once lightly cleaned, with light toning.

Rudolf in many ways cannot be considered an effective ruler, but he was one of those early Rennaisance kings who was a great promoter of philosophy and the arts. As such he also got along well with those of other religious persuasions.

Rudolf is also known to have counseled in person with the Maharal of Prague - Rabbi Judah Lowe, who legend relates, was the creator of the Golem.

The crown of Rudolph, now the Austrian Imperial crown, can be seen here.