Mazaios Satrap of Cilicia AR Stater, "Walls of Jerusalem" NGC Encapsulated, 361 - 328 B.C.E.

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Hendin GBC4 450, SNG Levante 114v, NGC XF, 5/5, 3/5, toned, 10.90 grams, Stuck Circa. 361 - 334 B.C.E.

Obverse: Baaltars seated to left, holding eagle-tipped scepter with his right hand, to left, grain ear and grape bunch, letter AYIN above arm, Ba'altarz in Aramaic behind

Reverse: Two rows of turreted city walls with lion attacking bull above, Mazaios who is over Eber Nahara (beyond the river) and Cilicia around

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An excellent specimen, some light surface corrosion on Baaltars side lowers the surface score, but the all important city wall side is beautifully toned, well struck and as CHOICE as we have seen! Rare control symbol "Ayin" above arm.

Ex: Z. Freed Collection, New York

This coin was minted by Mazaios who was Satrap over Cilicia and western territory past the Euphrates. On the coin he uses the Biblical phrase "Ebra Nahara" meaning that he rules over the other side of the river which is a term in the Bible that refers to Judaea. Thus notes David Hendin  in GBC that the wall depicted, as refered to in the legend, would be the walls of early Second Temple Jerusalem, those built by Nehemiah. A fascinating coin and much rarer than the typical lion and bull issues of Mazaios.