Herod Antipas AE Half Denomination, "Reed", Rare published curiosity - see notes, 20/21 C.E. SOLD

Maximum Purchase:
1 unit


Hendin 1200, Kogon & Fontanille  O2/R4 (#2 this coin), Fair / Extremely Fine, coin broken in production, 21.2mm x 14.8mm, 3.62 grams, Tiberias mint, Struck year 24 = 20/21 C.E.
Obverse: TIBE PIAC within wreath

Reverse: HPWΔΟΥ TETPAPXOY to the sides of upright reed, date year 24 (= 20/21 C.E.) in field

A very interesting coin and of the earliest types of Antipas. Listed as Series 1 in Kogon and Fontanille under Die 01, it was apparently one of the earliest coins struck before the minters had well established their capabilities. Apparently, the coin was still put into circulation. Amazingly the reverse  with the reed and date remained in incredible condition with the name Herod COMPLETELY clear making this coin was useful to the Kogon and Fontanille in the classification of the die. It is mention there as number 2 (of 3 specimens) for the die pair O1/R3.

Ex: JP Fontanille. Can be seen here on the Menorah Coin Project, center coin, die O1 / R3