Half AR Shekel of Tyre, Temple Tax, RARE Year & LIFETIME, Very Fine, 20/21 C.E. SOLD

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1 unit


Hendin 1621, HGC 10 - 358, Very Fine, 21.2mm, 6.10 grams, Dated PMς year 114 - 20/21 C.E.
Obverse: Laureate head of Melqart, wearing knotted lionskin around neck

Reverse: Eagle standing left with right foot on prow of ship, palm branch over rt. shoulder, date PMς (yr. 146 = 20/21 C.E.) and club in field to left, surrounded by inscription "OF TYRE THE HOLY AND INVIOLABLE", KP in right field above monogram, letterbetween legs

VERY RARE year and LIFETIME! Date rated R3 in DCA.
An interesting historic Temple Tax coins with apparently ancient damnatio-like intentional scratches, across the bust of Melqart. It was quite possibly executed by a zealous Judaean who did not want the idolatrus Melqart depicted on his temple tax.
The coins bearing the "KP" monogram were postulated by Y. Meshorer to have been minted in Jerusalem. Some contemporary scholars disagree and place the location at different mints either in Phoenicia or Israel.