Eleutheropolis, Caracalla AE, Scarce F/VF, Pedigreed! see notes, 198 - 217 C.E.

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Sofaer 18, Fine/Very Fine, 24mm, 9.36 grams

Obverse: AΥKMAΥ ANTωNCE around draped, laureate bust of Caracalla to right

Reverse: Bust of Serapis to right, ΛCEΠCEE (ΛEΥΘEΡΔ) around

Ex: Palm Desert Collection. Originally purchased from Amphora Coins (David Hendin) in the 1980's - photo of original tag attached.

This coin is an example on how careful one must be in attributing city coins, and sometimes even then errors are made. There are almost identical types, from the cities Akko, Caesarea, Eleutheropolis and Diospolis. The Diospolis is the rarest coin by far. The differences are in the legend and sometimes slight stylistic differences in the portraits from the different engravers.This is one of the reasons good reference books are important!

We overpaid buying this coin as a Diospolis, as we purchased it so attributed, but while listing the coin realized that the attribution was in error. Interesting how the coin passed through numerous hands over about 40 years and it went unnoticed... Still scarce and decent....