Dora, Vespasian AE, GVF, RARE, 69/70 C.E.

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Meshorer 33, Good Very Fine, 22.5mm, 10.14 grams, Struck 69/70 C.E.

Obverse: Laureate bust of Vespasian to right, AYTOKRATWN KAICAP OYECPIANOC around

Reverse: Turreted Tyche standing to front and looking to left, holding standard and cornucopia, date BΛP (132 = 69/70 C.E.) in left field

The "Vespasian" AE  a Very RARE coin for this city, not in Shoshana or Sofaer! The Vespasian issues in Sofaer bear a portrait and inscription of Titus. Not only rare but this bronze is a CHOICE example with a beautiful multi color natural patina!

The coin was struck by Vespasian after conquering the Galilee in the North and one year before the destruction of the Temple and the downfall of Jerusalem.

Dora is the Biblical City of Dor, about 12 km north of Caesarea in the Galilee.