"Coin of the Month" - Shimon Bar Kokhba "Trumpets" AR Zuz, Near MINT State, 134/135 C.E. SOLD

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Mildenberg 187, 12 listed, Near Mint State, 19.97mm, 3.23 grams, Attributed to year three - 134/135 C.E.
Obverse - SHIMON in Paleo-Hebrew around cluster of grapes hanging from branch

Reverse - Pair of Temple Trumpets upright, dot between, surrounded by inscription "For the freedom of Jerusalem" in Paleo-Hebrew

The trumpet Zuzim of Shimon Bar Kokhba Zuz are scarcer as a group than all the other types and especially difficult with clean attractive trumpets. This coin was well struck (even the vertical line engraving on the trumpet globules are clear) on a BROAD flan with the full circle around the trumpets, there is also a clear profile of Trajan on the grapes side, see additional photo. Worthy of a fine collection!
Ex: Florida Collection