"COIN OF THE MONTH" - Shimon Bar Kokhba AR Zuz, Extremely Fine & Pedigreed, FANTASTIC overstrike - see photos and notes, 134/135 C.E. SOLD

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Mildenberg 130, Extremely Fine, lightly toned, 19mm, 3.32 grams, Struck Circa. 134/135 C.E. over Vespasian AVGVR TRIPOT Denarius, RIC 356, 72/73 C.E.

Obverse: Name of SHIMON within wreath of nine almonds

Reverse: Lyre surrounded by inscription TO THE FREEDOM OF ISRAEL

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Having handled many hundreds of Zuzim and studied many more, this is perhaps the most intriguing overstrike we have ever seen. It is a worthy example for the specialist collector and handsome to boot. Probably ONE OF A KIND!

We could find no record where the name of Vespasian as engraved AND his profile appear on the coin, yet without affecting the name of Shimon Bar Kokhba which also appears completely and in full sharpness. It is almost as if the war and competition between the Judaeans and the Romans is borne out on this very coin. This duality is repeated on the reverse where the FULL Temple lyre is present and so is the FULL Roman word TRIPOT below. On can also the the tip of the lituus at right and the complete simpulum at left. Please see all the photos.

Ex: Nussbaum Collection, NY, Purchased from Harmer Rooke, November 1979