"COIN OF THE MONTH" - Biblical City of Gaza (Azza) AE33, Extremely Fine in the FINEST Style, see notes, 146/147 C.E.

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Sofaer 86var, RPC IV 6428var, Extremely Fine, 33mm,  27.88 grams

Obverse: Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Antoninus Pius to right, AYT KAI Α∆Ρ ΑΝΤWNEINO around

Reverse: Veiled, and draped bust of the Tyche of Gaza with turreted crown to right, date ZC (year 207 = 146/147 C.E.) ΓAZA and symbol of Marnas around

One of the most interesting city coins we have had. Possibly the most important example of its type.

Firstly is the style, which is almost of imperial quality and the FINEST style for this coin type. See some other high grade examples here and compare.

https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=5573958   https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=5380889  https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=2928021

Secondly, the coin is virtually untouched with its original multicolored patina and encrustions. Virtually every single example of this coin that has come to market in the past few decades has been heavily cleaned, oft repatinated and sometimes tooled. This coin is totally natural.

Thirdly the date is quite rare. Though listed in RPC we could not find one offered in the last 20 years.

Fourth, to our knowledge this date is unpublished in the draped bust style. The examples represented in the references are simple busts.

Finally, the coin is amazingly large for a biblical city coin and quite HEFTY. The weight of 27.88 grams is the heaviest example we found for the type.

In summary the coin, presents itself as "ancient" in all its glory!

Ex: Florida Collection, Purchased from Archaeological Center, Jaffa, Israel