"Coin of the Month" - Bar Kokhba "Eleazar HaKohen" AE Small Denomination with Roman 10th Legion countermark, EF, VERY RARE - see notes, 132/133 C.E. SOLD

Maximum Purchase:
1 unit


Mildenberg 150 struck on oversize flan, Extremely Fine, 23.6mm, 4.74 grams, Struck Year One of the 2nd Jewish Revolt 132/133 C.E.

Obverse: Cluster of grapes on vine branch with small leaf, "Year one of the redemption of Israel" in Paleo-Hebrew aroun, Galley countermark of Legion X Fretensis

Reverse: Seven-branched palm tree with two bunches of dates, ELEAZAR HAKOHEN (Eleazar the Priest) across fields

The year one bronze coins of Bar Kokhba with the legend of Eleazar HaKohen are one of the scarcer bronze issues of the Bar Kokhba war. What is exceptional and very rarely seen is the coin struck on an EXTREMLEY LARGE oversize flan (in the diameter of a medium denomination) that allows for the full border of dots to be seen on BOTH obverse and reverse!

Of additional significance, is that few coins of Bar Kochba are known  to bear Roman countermarks altogether. This already exceptional coin also carries a clear galley countermark of the Roman 10th Legion that besieged Jerusalem. In a similar vein to the idea that overstriking a Judaea Capta coin is a more aggressive act of rebellion. Certainly there can be no greater act of daring than overstriking the OFFICIAL currency of the Roman army in Jerusalem.