"COIN OF THE MONTH" - Bar Kokhba AR Zuz, RARE Example with Outstanding PEDIGREE!, EF, 134/135 C.E. SOLD

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Mildenberg 148, Extremely Fine, 19mm, 3.38 grams, Struck Circa. 134/135 C.E.

Obverse: SHIMON in Paleo-Hebrew around cluster of grapes hanging from branch

Reverse: Palm branch - LULAV, surrounded by inscription "For the freedom of Jerusalem" in Paleo-Hebrew

A RARE example, struck over a HADRIAN denarius and with the visible inscription (most letters readable) HADRI[ANVS] [A]VGVSTVS.

Most Bar Kochba Zuzim were struck over Trajan denarii and drachms. Although Hadrian was the Roman "enemy", by the time of the Bar Kokhba war was fought, his coins had still not filtered down to the Orient in large numbers. Of the 1300+ Zuzim listed on acsearch we noted only about 15 specimens with a claim of a Hadrian overstrike.

Bar Kokhba's overstriking of the Roman coinage is seen as the ultimate act of rebellion. The scarcity of the clear Hadrian overstrikes and the fact the he was THE Roman enemy makes the overstriking of this coin more poignant and popular with collectors.

What is extra special here is that not only does the name of Hadrian show but the title of AVGVSTVS does as well, something we have not noticed on any other coin.

INDEED this coin is PEDIGREED and is specifically listed in Mildenbergs corpus! THIS coin is pp. 247, #148.16  In Mildenberg's words "Y. Sasson 1970 (Overstruck upon HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS denarius)" There is only one other coin in the whole corpus that has been noted to be struck over the HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS inscription.

As a side observation we note the very large and crude letter style of this reverse die. One could possibly have considered it as part of the crude series had it not been linked to a 'regular' obverse die

Ex: Nussbaum Collection, NY. Purchased Circa. 1970 from J. Sasson, Jerusalem