"COIN OF THE MONTH" - Agrippa I of Caesonia & Drusilla (for Caligula) AE, VERY RARE!, VF - See notes, nearly complete inscription!, 40/41 C.E. SOLD

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Hendin 1241, Very Fine, some smoothing on top and possible around hair, 18.1mm, 4.99 grams, Struck Circa. 40/41 C.E., Paneas Mint

Obverse: Bust of of Caesonia to left, ΚΑΙΣΩΝΙΑ ΓΥΝΗ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΥ (Caesonia wife of Augustus) around

Reverse: Drusilla (daughter of Caligula) stands to left with a branch over her shoulder, holding Nike, ΔΡΟΥΣΙΛΛΗ ΘΥΓΑΤΡΙ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΥ (for Drusilla the daughter of Augustus) around, date LE (year 5 = 40/41 C.E.) in left field

A VERY RARE issue this coin type is found in the very north of Israel where the climate is very damp. The coins are typically heavily corroded and pitted and are so rare and numismatically significant (with the last wife and daughter of Caligula), that they fetch about $1,000 when they are not much more than corroded pieces of metal. See here and here. This coin was cleaned as virtually all are, but has the MOST COMPLETE inscription of any coin in private hands! Even the Shoshana specimen which sold 6 years ago for $5,287 (and also heavily cleaned) barely has any remaining inscription.

Ours a better example, and perfectly centered, with good eye appeal!

Purchased in Israel. A copy of the IAA export license available upon request.