Alexander the Great AR Tetradrachm, BOLD Near Extremely Fine, Pedigreed!, Ake Mint, Struck the last year of his life 323/322 B.C.E.

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Price 260, Bold Near Extremely Fine, light scratches and marks, ding in cheek, 26.7mm, 17.07 grams, Struck Circa. 323/322 B.C.E., Akko Mint

Obverse: Head of Alexander III the Great as Herakles in lionskin headdress to right

Reverse: Zeus seated left on throne, holding eagle in right and scepter in left, ΑΛΕΞΑΝ∆ΡΟΥ on right side, date (year 24 = 323/322 B.C.E.) in left field

An interesting coin from the last year of the the lifetime of Alexander or his death year, however you look at it. The appearance is interesting, the coin is nicely toned and as BOLD as we have ever seen for this Mint, with good weight. Though it does have numerous marks, small scratches, ding in the cheek, it still retains alot of eye appeal; probably the motifs that just come out right at you.

Ex: Nussbaum Collection, NY. Purchased Oct. (or Dec.) 2, 1989, from Dennis Kroh, Empire Coins, Ormond Beach, FL